Here you find a variety of materials and presentations that provide the primary documentation for what could be considered "online courses". These materials are made available for free in this form, but actual short courses, workshops, presentations and seminars contain additional supporting material and interaction.

Course 1 - Tourism and Cooperative models for diversified tourism and community economic development

Topic/Presentation 1 - Opportunities for Communities via Tourism

Topic/Presentation 2 - New Pair of Glasses - a short-course for economic development directors

Topic/Presentation 3 - Benefits of Experiential (niche) Tourism

Topic/Presentation 4 - Regional Revitalization and Empowerment Strategy (RRES)

Topic/Presentation 5 - The "Hybridized" Community Diversified Cooperative (HCDC)

Topic/Presentation 6 - Developing New Education Systems - E-cubed & Reverence for Life University

Topic/Presentation 7 - Creating and Supporting an Association, or other Membership Based Organization