Our Products and Services include, but are not limited too:


      a) Consulting
      b) Training and Development -
      c) Content and Article development -for Tourism and Community projects.
      d) Research (New concepts, economic impact, success strategies, tools, and skill-sets, etc.)
      e) Adapting and developing new technologies for tourism and community development
           (travel, Location based Services (LBS), education, etc.)
      f) Education (traditional settings and online)


- Reaching Out to Challenged Populations and Individuals
Create an Educational Resource & Technical Assistance Center (hereafter Center) that provides access to information and assistance to
       assist various marginalized populations with a focus on en-strengthening, skills and trades training, entrepreneurship and cooperative,
       community development.
              Here is a complimentary link to what I'm called Team/Individual Experience Plan and Study Guide, developed as tool/course to assist
              people to gain access to their personal power and to develop skills to work with teams.

- Green Consulting
      protecting the natural resource base pursuing tourism and community development is paramount to long-term success. Many additional benefits
      can be derived from a sustainable, "systems approach" as is highlighted in throughout this Web-site - see these articles -
      Benefits of Experiential/Nature-based Tourism,

- Community Development
      Traditional economic development is not terribly difficult, but is fret with issues, at least in the model developed in the USA. Comprehensive,
      systems approach combined with opportunities through sustainable tourism and local entrepreneurship provide a solid basis for growing regions,
      communities and business - while protecting and enhancing the natural, historical and cultural resource base, upon which communities and
      economies are based. For more information see these articles - Introduction, Tourism & Communities :: A New Pair of Glasses

- Sustainable Tourism Development
      From our perspective, sustainable tourism and community development go hand in hand. As was highlighted in the book "Boomtown USA", by
      Jack Schultz - successful, robust communities for business are almost always strong in tourism - this idea is captured in the statement "if a
      town is nice to visit, it will also be a nice place to live".

- Comprehensive Project Management - any type of development projects
     Our team, and our network of affiliates has the expertise to deal with any type of scale of project. The approaches are derived from others' works,
     and applied in a common-sense fashion, which is scalable. As mentioned above "systems science" is the basis of our approach, which demands
     comprehensive strategy looking at any and all project development within the greater context of economic, social, political and economic
     paradigms. For a comprehensive description of "systems thinking" please see Systems Thinking: Managing Chaos and Complexity - A Platform
     for Designing Business Architecture, by Jamshid Gharajedaghi
(Butterworth-Heinemann) ISBN 0-7506-7973-5.
- Urban Planning
    Our team has experience in urban planning, but in our network we have other firms that we can bring when necessary. The key to your success
    is efficient and effective project management. Our intelligent and context oriented approach provides a framework for successful urban
    development. There are many models that have been developing in the area of "new and sustainable" community planning - and numerous
    examples from across the world - our perspective is "no need to re-invent the wheel".

- Destination Development
Creating tourism destinations are not just a matter of building a building, creating trails or bringing people to your location. A tourism destination is
    a physical place combined with the touristic experience you wish to share. In simple terms, the experience you create and provide is the product
    you are selling. It is not just an accommodation, a tour, or a hike, it is a combination of settings and services that all produce an experience that
    can affect your visitor in profound ways. The greater destination is a combination of these places, attractions, experiences in your community and
    region (place-based network) - for more information see: "A new pair of glasses".

- "Experiential" or "niche" tourism development - (includes eco tourism, heritage tourism, agritourism, cultural tourism, etc.)
    Our team understands the tourism industry completely and as a combination of many "niche" markets with create a divers and robust opportunity
    space based on creativity, cooperation and innovation. The greater "specialized" or "niche" tourism industry is only limited by imagination, and
    peoples' ability to blend what they create into the existing context of their community and place.
    Read more here: Benefits of Experiential and Nature-based Tourism.

- Nature, heritage and cultural conservation
    Protecting the natural, cultural and historical resource base for both tourism and economic development is tantamount to success. We believe
    that economies and communities have the greatest potential for success and amenable quality of life are based on blended, and complimentary
    industries - we follow the old adage "don't put all your eggs in one basket". As stated above, our core approach is based on "systems thinking".

- Tourism Product Development,
    Tourism products can be as diversified as individual and collective imaginations. Developing successful business and community tourism
    requires an understanding of the various elements involved. We see that "telling the story of the place" (and people) is one of the core elements.
    In tourism settings this is called "interpretation". Most simply, interpretation tells true and compelling stories of places, people and events.
    Interpretation in combination with expertise and knowledge of community tourism development puts us in a unique position to help you succeed.

- CSR (corporate social responsibility) and cultural planning
    Developing tourism and diversified economic development responsibly is at the heart of our mission. Corporations, agencies and communities
    need to be aware and informed about the social and environmental impacts of their activities. We utilize systems thinking and awareness that
    responsible development, with long-term sustainability in mind will result in the most robust business.

- Entrepreneurial development

    Derived from the entrepreneurial experiences of Dr. Andrew Skadberg, our stellar team, and ideas generated from Texas A&M’s Technology
    Transfer Commercialization Initiative (TTCI) and small business development of Texas Cooperative Extension, and a life-time of entrepreneurial
    experience, the Vision Excelerator will provide comprehensive services to a variety of entities and individuals. Our foundational products for small
    business development is the publication "Nature Tourism: A Guidebook for Evaluating Enterprise Opportunities" a pragmatic, common-sense
    publication to assist people to create a strategy to start a tourism enterprise.