Sustainable Economic and Community Development Consulting – Tourism, Cooperation and Earth Awareness!

The Experience Co-Evolution Group specializes in helping you, your community, or your organization succeed. We combine our experience, expertise, innovative approaches and technological know-how to help communities, organizations, businesses and individuals. Our core approach revolves around the Regional Revitalization and Empowerment Strategy, focusing on supporting cooperative, creative approaches for communities and regions, while empowering individual achievement and awareness through experience-based education. The end result means enhanced products, customized experiences and thoughtful use of natural assets, which contributes to more engaging experiences, valuable brand building and intelligent investment of financial resources.

Experience Co-Evolution Group serves communities, agencies, regional destinations, Chambers of Commerce, Convention and Visitors' Bureaus, industry groups, small businesses and individuals.

Regional and Community Development – tourism, diversification, sustainable and green.
Experiential Education – community development, entrepreneurship, recreation, individual empowerment.
Travel Technology Application – Web, Location Based Services (LBS), digital information.
Organizational and Business Creation and Support – the Vision Excelerator
Experience Creation - “Telling the Story” – developing the tourism product.