Affiliated Online Resources

Vision Excelerator -
The VISION Excelerator has a unique business approach. Our core team is comprised of a network of experts, entrepreneurs and project leaders who have come together in what might be termed a cooperative.

Our active team is working on regional initiatives around Solomon Source's key approach called the Regional Revitalization and Empowerment Strategy (RRES). We work with individuals, communities and organizations for Project Visioning, strategic planning and comprehensive strategy development.

Rural Innovation Institute -
The Rural Innovation Institute presents and opportunity to rural places - to be leaders, and to empower their communities and regions to transform the lives of people. Changing times are presenting new ways that we can reach out to people and provide services. The best way to offer these services is through an educational vehicle. However, the traditional educational institutions have fallen prey to systems that are not teaching subjects that will make a difference in people's lives, nor in creating a dynamic interchange of ideas and resources between the "public" and the learning institutions.

QC Collective
The QC Collective was the portal through which the creative and entrepreneurial energies of friends and acquaintances is gathered and distributed throughout the region. By sharing our ideas and visions, promoting our goods and services, and encouraging our individual and social efforts, we create a network dedicated to sharing the good that is going on in our communities, while also supporting each other's dreams and aspirations.

An experiment in cooperative business, we are focusing on creating a place for energies to gather, utilizing a beautiful shop on the banks of the Grand Ole' Mississippi - combined with the power of the Internet to support and promote a collaborative network.

Global Breath Consciousness Institute
The GBCI is the portal to The Practice and the Reverence for Life University and Fellowship. The Practice is a template for successful living. To be effective, it must become a daily standard of living. Its benefits are self-confidence, clarity of vision, freedom from anxiety, a lasting sense of security and true abundance. Practitioners of this model are more in touch with themselves and those around them. They are able to move from a brain-focused approach to life, to a breath-based relationship with all of life

Zoom Information Systems
ZOOM develops transportation software and systems solutions for City, County and State governments, DOTs and the traveling public. This includes both on-board and back-end development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Vehicle Connectivity and Tracking Systems (AVL), Imaging-Based Infrastructure Data Collection and Analysis Tools and The Next Generation Rest Area technology platform. We focus on the following areas: 

  • Real-Time Transportation Data Gathering, Fusion and Analysis
  • Fleet Vehicle Connectivity, Tracking and Management (AVL)
  • Highway Infrastructure Imaging and Data Collection
  • The Next Generation Rest Area